About Us

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio. As a child I stayed in the kitchen, learning from my southern grandmother, developing a LOVE for cooking.

I dreamed of cooking, owning my own business. It started as cooking for my family and church members who didn’t have time or the means to cook for themselves. This has manifested into me cooking for all. I appreciate your support and I thank you for checking out Durham’s Delights. God bless.

What Our Customers Say

The stuffed chicken breast was very good as well as the green beans. Thanks for the salad fixing, I will have that for lunch tomorrow!"
Burnetta D.
Talk about convenience. I love the service and professionalism provided with my meal.  Deliver was awesome as well with the pocket friendly prices that don't break the bank but you are given more than you get from a commercial restaurant and the fact it's made from scratch a homemade recipe is the wow factor for me. I would certainly invest again but for newcomers check them out it's totally worth it.  Bonus they have fantastic mouth watering desserts. 😋  Check em out when u have time or actually because you can't make time that's plus bout them the convenience lol.
Our chef was amazing. The service was five stars. The set up was beautiful, my fiancé almost cried. She told me after we got home from the cabin trip.
Josh B.
I recently had an exceptional spaghetti dish from Durham's Delights that truly hit the spot. The meat sauce was seasoned to perfection with just the right amount of garlic, peppers and onions for that fresh home cooked flavor. For anyone who loves spaghetti this is a definite must. My compliments to the chef.
John T.
Quality, Fresh, and Delicious food. From an appetizer to the entrée and definitely the deserts, where a salad is just not a salad it’s a meal. I was very satisfied with my meal and each time I come back I try something new. The salad was amazing, all the vegetables where fresh and crisp. I will definitely be back this place will be my number one go to when I want a good meal.
Barbara M.
The best sub sandwich I have ever had a lot more meat than bread. Better than Subway and made to order.
Annette J.
I am older and I do not always feel like cooking. I am cannot do fried food anymore which is what I love so I have to do baked . I want food to taste like I cooked it and be healthy for me. When my friend told me about getting my food brought in I was a little hesitant at first but once I tasted it and the service is dependable and excellent I was hooked. When I found Durham’s Delight I found the key to healthy, great tasting eating.
Mary S.